Win–Win Solutions for Biodiversity Conservation and Human Infectious Disease Control

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: Many human infectious diseases originate in wildlife or are transmitted through environmental contact. Targeting these human–environment interactions with One Health initiatives could simultaneously ensure human health and wellbeing, ecosystem integrity, and sustainable development. In this session, panelists from around the world will describe their experiences implementing "win–win solutions" that simultaneously advance biodiversity conservation goals and reduce human infectious disease burdens, including challenges and success stories. Panelists will discuss efforts to reduce schistosomiasis using native prawn restoration in African rivers; improve access to affordable healthcare and thus reduce illegal logging in national parks in Borneo; improve human health and hygiene to reduce disease spillover between people and great apes; regulate wildlife trade to reduce zoonotic spillover; and improve dog health to reduce disease transmission from dogs to people and wildlife. These case studies will be organized within broader management frameworks that stakeholders can use to differentiate viable win–win solutions from alternative interventions. Panelists will also highlight tools that stakeholders can use to find, design, implement, and evaluate solutions that meet their needs, including a newly published evidence database. After sharing their "lessons learned" during brief presentations, there will be an open panel discussion where participants can ask the panelists questions.