Vitalizing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for Internally Displaced People: Unique Needs, Unique Solutions (Ethiopia)

Session Date: April 24, 2021

Session Description: While SRH services have increased for women in crisis situations broadly, these services have largely failed to reach internally displaced peoples (IDPs). In Ethiopia, where there are over 2 million IDPs largely due to ethnic conflict, political instability, and scarce environmental resources, the unmet need for modern contraceptives among IDPs is nearly 50% and negative attitudes regarding contraception significantly affect utilization. Further, access to other SRH services such as care for sexual and gender-based violence is lacking. EngenderHealth conducted a baseline survey among IDP girls and women in the Fafan zone in the Somali region of Ethiopia to generate evidence on the unique SRHR needs of IDPs and to offer potential responses in humanitarian settings. Results describe demographics, including literacy and fertility rates, and detail the current needs and perceptions of IDPs regarding awareness and use of contraception and knowledge of where to access S-GBV services. The results illustrate nuanced SRH knowledge and attitudes among IDPs in Ethiopia. Lessons have informed EngenderHealth’s current project design and offer a roadmap for others seeking to design effective, tailored SRHR programs in challenging settings.