The World’s Largest Vaccination Campaigns Begins: Equity Considerations from Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan

Session Date: April 24, 2021

Session Description: As the world’s largest adult vaccination campaign is underway, we highlight key considerations for equity and inclusion in a development context, a humanitarian setting, and a country with prior experience of Ebola. The moderator has worked closely on polio vaccination efforts as part of CARE’s Health Equity and Rights Team. First, we will highlight the experience in Bangladesh, where the national government is planning to roll out vaccines free of cost. The Director of Health from CARE Bangladesh will discuss considerations to reach the last mile given the large population. Then, we will hear from CARE Sierra Leone, in a context where learnings from the Ebola outbreak have informed planning and expectations around COVID vaccine rollout. Finally, we will hear from CARE South Sudan on the experience of administering COVID rollout in the context of ongoing humanitarian crisis and threats. Participants will highlight practical programming adaptations to reach vulnerable populations, including addressing myths and misconceptions, messaging and information, and integration within health systems interventions.