The Wheel of Practices: An Adaptable Tool to Support Uptake of Nutrition and Health Practices

Session Date: April 21, 2021

Session Description: University Research Co. (URC) and The Manoff Group will present The Wheel of Practices, an adaptable tool that allows programs to integrate multiple evidence-based, pro-health behaviors in a single format that supports frontline health workers and families to prioritize practices that prevent malnutrition and contribute to maternal and child health. With USAID funding, and following extensive community consultations, The Wheel was developed in Guatemala and later adapted to a different context in Uganda. In both countries, the Wheel is part of a broader social and behavior change strategy to promote practices critical across the First 1000 Days. The strategy┬┤s centerpiece is a large vinyl poster displaying 19 practices, hung in homes as a daily reminder, and for families to evaluate their practices, identify what they can improve and, with counseling and support from providers, take action. As the family moves through the 1,000 days their focus behaviors change; they can see and take pride in those accomplished and get support with challenges. The constant reminder and the ability of providers to tailor support proved a boost to behavior uptake. The session will describe how The Wheel was developed, or adapted, and operationalized in both settings and the resulting positive changes.