Sustainable Financing of Family Planning Commodities in Ghana: Options for Donor Transition and Domestic Integration

Session Date: April 21, 2021

Session Description: The Government of Ghana (GoG) has taken several strategic steps in recent years to expand the coverage of family planning (FP) and maternal health services in the country, including launching a policy to provide free maternal health services through facilities accredited with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), passing legislation in 2012 to eventually include FP under the NHIS, and implementing a pilot to test the provision of FP services under the NHIS in seven districts of the country. However, family planning commodities in Ghana are still funded mainly via donor assistance, even as donors view Ghana as being ripe for a transition to domestic financing. Working with the USAID "Support for International Family Planning and Health Organizations 2: Sustainable Networks" (SIFPO2) program, GoG stakeholders sought to develop modalities for longer-term, sustainable financing for a defined set of FP and maternal health commodities, and to plan next steps for the provision of these commodities under public sector health financing mechanisms, including the NHIS. The SIFPO2 team facilitated this interagency engagement and developed options for progressively expanding and integrating domestic financing of FP commodities. The team also assessed domestic financing practices for selected maternal health commodities and provided recommendations to stakeholders.