SMART Advocacy 101: Creating Change with Decision-Makers

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: SMART Advocacy is an evidence-based approach to effectively engage people with the power to make change. This session builds on the experience of the Advance Family Planning initiative that adapted and applied the approach to mobilize $111.1 million in funds and achieve more than 2,200 advocacy wins over twelve years. Participants will receive an overview of the SMART Advocacy approach, which breaks down the advocacy process into manageable steps, designed with both seasoned advocates and beginners in mind. The session will highlight concepts such as setting a SMART objective and crafting the right message. A panel of expert advocates will discuss how the SMART Advocacy approach operates on the ground to build consensus and achieve change. The approach has been used by more than 250 organizations in 29 countries and across many fields, from safe surgery to girls’ education. The participant will leave with an understanding of how SMART advocacy can fit into their work and a guide to develop their own advocacy strategy.