Reflections on Approaches to Engage Adolescents for Influencing Food Choices: Learnings from Programmatic Experiences in Bangladesh and Indonesia

Session Date: April 22, 2021

Session Description: This session aims to discuss the theoretical underpinning of social movements and youth mentorship and how these approaches have been used for engaging adolescents in making better food choices, reflecting on the experiences from two campaigns – the Bhalo Khabo Bhalo Thakbo ("Eat Well, Live Well") and Saya Pemberani ("I’m Courageous") in Bangladesh and Indonesia, respectively. In particular, we will discuss how the social movement approach in Bangladesh and youth mentorship in Indonesia aimed to i) identify and frame a nutrition problem that reflected the lived reality of adolescents’ experiences, including their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic; and ii) support adolescents in identifying context-appropriate solutions to the problem.