Power in Numbers, Power in Words: What Women Want Dashboard Demo

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: What does it mean to truly incorporate women’s voices and user demand into our day-to-day work as reproductive health advocates, implementers, and practitioners? From 2018-2019, White Ribbon Alliance and partners implemented an audacious campaign that heard from 1.2 million women and girls worldwide about their top request for their own reproductive and maternal health. Results from What Women Want (WWW) were a revelation about what matters most to women, including respectful and dignified care – the number one ask. This event will unveil a digital dashboard detailing every woman’s request in her own words, discuss how WWW data can be used to advance larger gender equality and feminist agendas, and illustrate how women’s grassroots voices are moving the needle on priority issues. This session will provide participants with practical tips on engaging with the dashboard and how to integrate the dashboard as a tool within their existing project management, policymaking, advocacy, and service delivery cycles and processes.