Making Donor-Funded Health System Solutions Country-Led: A Practical Approach Towards Sustainability

Session Date: April 22, 2021

Session Description: In line with USAID’s “Journey to Self-Reliance” approach, government stewardship is essential to ensuring that solutions sustainably reach communities at scale. However, there are few examples that show how to successfully navigate the journey to embedding solutions into government systems. In this workshop VillageReach will take participants through our five-stage model, co-developed with over 50 government, Social Impact Organizations and funders, for integrating a solution in to the public sector. Participants will get the opportunity to learn about the key steps and tools needed to execute each stage of the transition process as well actively participating in a hands-on exercise focused on the “execute” stage, the stage of implementation and adapting the solution to better achieve the intended impact and prove it is suitable for future scale. At the end of the session we expect participants to be able to identify two tangible actions they can take to position their programs towards successful government adoption.

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