Leveraging Cross-Sectoral Partnerships to Improve Access to Medicines during Product Development, Including Examples from COVID-19 and HIV Treatment Markets

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: The process of developing pharmaceuticals and bringing them to market is very complex and requires a broad range of sectors to ensure success. In order to ensure global access and availability of affordable medications the Medicines for All Institute is bringing together a panel of partners for discussion. The panelists include a range of participants from NGOs, Donors, Academia and the Private Sector, who will discuss partnering together to improve access to life saving medications, including antiretrovirals and COVID-19 treatments.The focus of the discussion will be on how the sectors are interdependent and why various sectors can take different risks and have different strengths while working toward the same goal of ensuring broad access to high quality pharmaceuticals globally. This presentation will cover the pharmaceutical development lifecycle, market entry considerations as well as cutting edge pharmaceutical technologies.