Lessons Learnt from Scaling up Evidence Based Interventions at District Level in Pakistan

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: The Umeed e Nau (New Hope) project aims to roll-out proven and effective Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent health(MNC&AH) interventions at scale within existing community and facility level platforms, and fill the evidence gaps to improve health and survival, thus accelerating sustainable changes in the lives of women, children, and girls in Pakistan. The project also targeted reduction of perinatal and child mortality rates in eight high-burden, rural and under-served districts of Pakistan through interventions that were designed and delivered through the public and private health system that took into account the geographic and social structures. Interventions rolled out at scale include capacity building and community engagement through primary care health workers, simplification of supply chain logistics and revival of community groups. Results have been promising and have showed a marked reduction in mortalities than expected and providing evidence for the effective interventions in all districts. We will share strategies implemented and the impact achieved so far.