Integrated Health Resilience: Building Better, Building Stronger

Session Date: April 21, 2021

Session Description: More than half of all maternal and child deaths occur in countries affected by conflict, disasters, weak governance and institutions, population displacements, and other acute and chronic shocks and stresses. Maternal health is a litmus paper for measuring the functionality of a health system in each country. This session will introduce the concept of integrated health resilience and explore how MOMENTUM Integrated Health Resilience (MIHR) has built upon existing lessons of resilience at social systems to expand to health resilience at the individual/HH, community, and HS levels. Health resilience is defined as the ability of people, households, communities, systems, and countries to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from shocks & stresses in a manner that reduces acute and chronic vulnerabilities and facilitates equitable health outcomes. Health resilience aims at strengthening absorptive, adaptive, and transformative capacities through reducing disruptions to access and use of quality health services. Health resilience is beyond bouncing back faster, rather strives to build forward, build better and stronger. MIHR will share the theories and models developed to address maternal health interventions on the three capacities of the health resilience.