Flash Training Approach for Front Line Health Care Providers – Quality Counseling for Family Planning in 2 hours!

Session Date: April 22, 2021

Session Description: Join the live flash training session on counseling for family planning! You will experience the training just as front line providers would in a real humanitarian setting via an innovative training approach. An acute emergency is a challenging context for quality clinical training. Traditional competency-based training in a classroom setting is not an appropriate approach, as it causes service disruption and can be challenging in crisis situations, including pandemics like COVID-19. To overcome this, we have created a flash training approach to build the clinical capacities of small groups of three to five providers at the health facility. It aims to build the confidence of the front line providers to provide quality services. The trainer uses the flash training kit to deliver short sessions on one small and specific topic. The kit is present at the health facility and contains blended tools and methods to focus on skills and capacity such as anatomic models, counselling kit, tablets with multimedia material, flipcharts, and additional tools.

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