Enhancing Partner Nation Security: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Peacekeeping Public Health Capacity Building Initiative

Session Date: April 24, 2021

Session Description: One way the U.S. Department of Defense works to achieve national security is through security cooperation, by way of building and enhancing partner nation capacity. This study evaluated a health-related security cooperation training initiative delivered by DoD to military peacekeepers. A mixed method explanatory sequential design was used to explore training outcomes. Quantitatively, three hypotheses were tested using nonparametric statistical analysis. Qualitative analysis of documents was used to inform and contextually understand the quantitative results. This research serves as the first study to empirically examine health-related security cooperation train-the-trainer initiative change outcomes. This research is an essential building block to empirically evaluate and capture change outcomes from security cooperation capacity building training initiatives. The findings and recommendations inform security cooperation policy and associated investments.