Does High Performing Health Care Tool Contribute to Universal Health Coverage?

Session Date: April 22, 2021

Session Description: The High Performing Healthcare (HPHC) system tool is innovative in capturing multidimensionality of universal health coverage (UHC) in real time through mobile application. Its unique contribution is based on measuring UHC through four constructs of accountable, accessible, affordable, and reliable (AAAR) healthcare that contribute to better health outcomes and impact. The tool reliability and validity were tested using virtual survey in 37 countries and found to be highly reliable and valid. The session will provide information on: a) added value and rationale for developing HPHC tool; b) composition of HPHC tool; c) reliability and validity of the tool; d) requirements and costs for using it; e) the standard outputs of the tool visualized in dashboard; g) advanced analysis on processes for health system resilience, responsiveness, quality, role of community, private sector, demand, and supply factors that affect health system performance towards achieving UHC; h) disaggregation of data by types of respondents and their implications; i) Interpretation of the tool findings; j) policy, program and research implications; l) Pakistan HPHC application findings; m) development of global database for benchmarking.