Bridging In-Game Decisions and Choices with Real Life Access to FP/RH Information, Products and Services: A Game of Choice, Not Chance

Session Date: April 22, 2021

Session Description: The Game of Choice, Not Chance game for girls is a ‘serious’ game and the central component of a direct-to-consumer model for positively impacting adolescent lives that includes an interactive, story-based mobile game; in-game reproductive health education and linkages to health products, skill-training, and care. In this virtual safe space, adolescent girls explore and navigate life choices, learn about things they can’t ask anyone, experience the simulated outcomes of their choices, and gain direct access to a strategically curated selection of information and opportunities designed to advance and support family planning and reproductive health behaviors. In this session, participants will learn how reproductive health messages can be delivered directly to the consumer (DTC) through game play, while connecting players with linkages to products, information and care.

Session File(s) Game of Choice, Not Chance.pdf