Advancing Evidence-based Programming Through a Collaborative Approach: The Journey of the Family Planning High Impact Practices (HIPs) Partnership

Session Date: April 23, 2021

Session Description: Decision-makers and implementers don’t have the time to look through decades of evidence to understand what works in family planning. HIPs address this need by bridging the gap between research and practice through translation and synthesis of evidence into 8-page briefs. Presenters will tell the story of the HIPs – the history and evolution, the current infrastructure to maintain and disseminate the briefs, and the impact this public good has on programming. The HIPs began with a recognition of a lack of consensus on FP/RH best practices. Experts were convened who developed a list of 12 High Impact Practices. Over the next 10 years, that list evolved into a suite of briefs covering service delivery, enabling environment, and social and behavior change plus other resources such as Strategic Planning Guides. The task to maintain the briefs which requires a regular review of the evidence and input from partner organizations and technical experts is significant and complex. The dissemination of HIP briefs and resources has also blossomed into a data-driven concerted effort which engages a diverse range of stakeholders to deliver the briefs to the people who need them. These evolving processes at the global level have led to better information and programs at the local level.