A Conversation with Journal Editors from GHSP and BMJ Global Health: Connecting Creators and Users of Knowledge

Session Date: April 21, 2021

Session Description: In 2019, Seye Abimbola, Editor-in-Chief of the BMJ Global Health, wrote a thought provoking editorial on the imbalance in authorship which has resulted in the "foreign gaze" of peer reviewed journals. He has recently published a follow-up editorial “The Uses of Knowledge in Global Health” on the various roles each of us play in creating and using knowledge, what he characterizes as "professors, emancipators, engineers, and plumbers.” Seye, along with GHSP Editor-in-Chief, Steve Hodgins, and Associate Editor, Rajani Ved, will explore how we can “rethink our relative focus, emphasis, priority, and gaze” with regard to the uses of knowledge. They will challenge you to rethink the role(s) you play, how you connect with others, and, most importantly, how you can prevent injustices in the creation and use of knowledge. We strongly encourage you to read the article before the session so you can come prepared to actively contribute to the discussion.